Saturday, 19 March 2016

Caroline vs. Paper Towns

I bought John Green's popular novel Paper Towns last year, when it was announced that the movie version would premiere in summer 2015 (I did the same thing in winter 2014 with The Fault In Our Stars).  I didn't end up taking it with me to Tokyo, so it stayed on my bookshelf in Ottawa until I got back at the end of August.  I read it in one day on the Greyhound between Toronto and Ottawa, and now I understand they hype among Green's young adult audience; the characters are great for portraying teenage angst, overwhelming love, and adventure.  I liked it a lot at the beginning and thought the action up to the climax was really exciting, but I felt let down by the ending.  I'm hoping to watch the movie sometime soon though, so maybe that will massage my feelings of the book a little bit.

I see John Green quotations on Tumblr all the time so no phrases in Paper Towns really really jumped out at me, but the story had some profound moments and lessons.  Don't discount this novel (or any of Green's other works) simply because it is in the Young Adult genre; it's easy to read but intelligent and moving at the same time, and I'll be keeping it on my shelf for those times I need a break from heavier reading materials.

xx, C.

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